Friday, August 28, 2009


There's a lot of talk about his greatness. All about how much I should want to be like him. A list of characteristics I should strive for. How to live a life of success. Glory. Fame. It's obvious, read a biography for a step by step process of how to get a biography written about you. All Great men (and women) have biographies.

I can't remember the last time I could will myself to finish a biography.

I have two sitting by my bed right now, both of which haven't been read past the first half.

At this point, I find myself getting nauseous.

Sure, it's lovely to learn from people. Have role models, great. Whatever. But seriously, lets get real and look at who we're idolizing and why. Harry S. Truman wouldn't have had a biography written about him if he hadn't been in a position of authority. Einstein wouldn't have had a biography if his theories weren't popular. These people we read about through their biographies are quite simply ordinary people, like us, who found themselves in a position that culture decided to idolize. They aren't just Great. They're given Greatness. In part, you give them Greatness by reading their biography.

This is why I stuggle reading biographies.

The Greatness is sucked out of me. I'm belittled. I couldn't live up to a biography.

Reality: Characteristically I fit in with the ideal biographed person. So do you. So does anybody. Culture just hasn't decided to recognize the Greatness in all of us. We haven't recognized the Greatness inside ourselves. We are the ones limiting our Greatness.

So you want a biography about yourself? The plumber, the farmer, the store clerk, the educator, the student, the minimum wage waitress, the stay at home mom...

Start a revolution.
Honor simplicity.
Honor reality.


I have an idea to start a small series of biographies. I'll write about whoever. My friends, family, people on the street... They all deserve one. Just as much as Einstein or Harry Truman.