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"below it all" - oxyacetylene welding, steel, found object

*horrible picture, my apologies, ideally should be hanging with 360 degrees of viewing advantage

Saturday, February 27, 2010

notes to self:

I am writing this here to remember it.

Today I imagined roadkill on the side of the road made by me out of garbage found on the side of the road. Then I imagined a group of people looking at this "roadkill", studying it. Studying what it is, and what killed it. In this scene, the road is busy with cars. Cars create roadkill. These cars slow down as they pass the concerned surveyors of the art. The people in the cars are repulsed by the scene of a dead animal and yet somewhat remorseful, further continuing the concern initiated from the crowd. More people gather. Some are passerbys finding the event attractive. Others were previously aware of the event. They came to give their regards to this "dead animal" on the side of the road. They give their regards to littering. They give their regards to the inpact of technology, the reality and responsibility of driving, and the modern relationship we have formed with animals. Further more, it is a nod to the power and authority we have issued to ourselves. The power of technology, the power of egocentricism - the power over a lesser life form.

But people are hit by cars too. Maybe there will be "roadkill" on the otherside of the street too, in human form. What more is a dead animal to a dead human? Both indicate the recklessness of power and control and uncontrolled decisions. Are we killing ourselves with indulging in technology and the set satuses we have created. Animals > humans is a cast system, traffic is a set web of rules and laws, we have created it so that cars are almost a neccessity (and to have it not, we have to completely change our lives to somehow fit inbetween the society we are fit into).

all this to think about from roadkill...

and I barely even mentioned recycling yet.


if any one has seen art like this before by another artist, please let me know.